"Leadership starts with Love"

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Leadership starts with Love 

Positive Leadership always starts with mutual respect and eye-to-eye level communication.

Solid trust based upon integrity provides the foundation to overcome any challenges, when paired with perseverance, and humor, as well as compassion.

In order to lead effectively, it is essential that you know yourself and also be passionate in getting to know your teammates.

People lead people!

Whether as the "Head of Internal Euro Communication" at Deutsche Bank, as a Commander's spouse in the U.S. Air Force, as a university professor, or as a Leadership mentor, this has always been my experience.

Only when people feel valued and heard, they are ready to perform at their best.

True transformation comes when combining mental work with physical forward movement.

That's why I am so passionate about taking my clients out of their familiar environment and have them move into new terrain.

Whether walking, running, swimming, biking, CrossFit or wherever they feel comfortable.

Let's move! Let's grow! Let's lead with love!

 Inspirational Speaker & Team-Building Workshops

Transformation begins with a change of perspective, which inspires new levels of ideas.

  • Agile Leadership & Organizational
  • Gain invigorating insight of Knowledge of
  • Learn about the Authenticity formula

Leadership Mentor &
Career Coach 

Positive Leadership is comparable to a sporting competition that requires a real coach.

  • Sustainable workload management & burnout avoidance strategies
  • Breakthrough of the self-doubt and fear
  • Develop your unique style of Leadership  

Speaker Coach &
Sparring Partner

Effective communication is the ability to explain, e.g. quantum physics to a 3-year-old.

  • State of the art visual storytelling with a TEDx speaker coach
  • Optimize your rhetorical ability and public appearance
  • Charismatic presentation

Worldwide References

After meeting Petra Spillman, your life will be divided into two:

The "Before Petra" era, which can characterize the period in which you have not yet discovered the power within you, cannot move, and see things blurry.

And during the "After Petra" period, where you now understand how precious and unique the jewel in you is, you become more aware of the people around you and everything else and you start to see it from a different perspective. We can call this stage "the age of enlightenment".

A great teacher and a great leader who laid the columns, beams, bricks and all other technical equipment of the "Leader" building with all the qualities that a leader should have and puts the most important thing, "love", on the foundation of this structure. A big "THANK YOU".

Elif Genç
International Project Management Postgraduate Student, Turkey

A great leader understands the power of people, trying the best to transmit her vision through the generations;

I was lucky to be a guest in her lecture, energetic, inspiring.

She is a generator of future creative leaders who inspire a safe world in which we all dream of happiness and innovation.

Highly recommend more Petra in this world!


Tarek Abdelazim
Architect at Wenzel + Wenzel, Egypt

I recognize and applaud Petra Spillman attributes such as walking in humility, responsibility, creativity and motivation that are above and beyond normal; furthermore, she continues to listen and execute the task(s) with the anticipation of finding an answer to the problem(s).

Her vision in Consulting will be carried out with clear communication, honesty, integrity, respect, self-confidence and truth worthiness.

Thank you Petra Spillman for being transparent in what you do.

Karen M. Scott 
Realtor at Century 21 Prestige, USA