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Speaker Coaching & Visual Storytelling

Why is Speaker Coaching and Visual Storytelling essential?

Purposeful and simple communication, which is visually supported, enables the greatest possible understanding for the audience. This goes hand in hand with a professional stage presence. Details such as jewelry, make-up and the color correlation of outfit and presentation, as well as body language and tone of your voice are crucial for the success of your performance.

My work as TEDx Visual Storytelling Coach:

The TEDx Talk of Dr. Dilek Gürsoy, a renowned heart surgeon and artificial heart specialist.

Coaching focus: Stage presence and body language, as well as the haptic perception of the artificial heart models.

The TEDx Talk of Juandalynn Abernathy,best friend's daughter and goddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Coaching focus: Emotional emphasis on the historical level through musical accompaniment.

Dr.Mark Mattingley-Scott, IBM Quantum, Ambassador Leader EMEA & AP at IBM,  with his topic of Quantencomputing

Coaching focus: Visual simplification of the probability variables by  using red massage balls.

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