"Leadership starts with Love"


The "Just ONE Minute" Positive Leadership Podcast 

Too much Babbling!

If it doesn't fit in ONE minute - it's just not worth it!
Positive Leadership Principles that inspire and transform straight to the point.

Growing People!

What do I do? Growing people. No matter the authority or level of fame, people are people. Everyone struggles with insecurities... this is where I come in.

Authenticity is honesty.

When image and identity do not match, there is no authenticity.
Without authentic leadership, 
true followership is impossible!

Servant Leadership is not...

Servant leadership is not subservient. Only those who know who they are can walk in this purest form of leadership. Are you strong enough to be a servant?

The Revelation of Halloween

Whatever is hidden will come to light.
Especially on a day like Halloween, where you can be who you... truly are?!

Watch the costumes...

Leading with Love

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Fear of others judging our shortcomings and mistakes will keep us stuck and unable to grow. 
Wearing your scars proudly will enable you to lead others with love.

The Power of "I'm sorry"

Admitting your own faults and shortcomings shows who your level of maturity! It renders great strength and humility, when you are revealing your imperfect humanity yet positive leadership.