"Leadership starts with Love"

Inspirational Speaker & Team Workshops

Inspirational Keynotes and Seminars tailored to your needs

Teaching the same class or holding the exact same seminar twice is believing that everyone's challenges are the same. This would just waste time and resources. 

Since your challenges are as unique as your fingerprint, let's analyse your needs first:

  • Does your organisation suffer from toxic team players or poor communication skills?
  • What about employee motivation?
  • How can you improve the work environment in your organisation?
  • What about the employee appreciation?
  • How do you achieve an agile leadership style without burnout?
  • Do have access to your employees full competencies?

 The Ultimate Transformational Leadership Seminar - The Sandworm Principle

My ability to simplify complicated matters to a "child-like level" inspired me to write a Transformational Leadership book, which is intentionally based upon a children's book.

All of us have a W.H.A.L.E., a seemingly insoluble challenge, in our organisation or life.
How we deal with it and who we can trust to help move this beached W.H.A.L.E. is reflected in the 13 Sandworm characters.

My Team -Building Seminars are based  upon the Sandworm Principle and the different personality trades of the Sandworms.

These seminars are very illustrative and active. Being able to instantly recognise every Sandworm around you as well as their intentions, is the goal.  You will learn how to act effectively with purpose and agility to ensure the stability of your team.

Because only those who know who they are will be solid and stable in their personality.

Are you curious how the Authenticity formula or the 6 Levels of Maturity effect your leadership?

Let's talk. Looking forward to getting to know you...