"Leadership starts with Love"

About me

No-one will make it out alive!

Life is too short!

We all come into this world with nothing and that's exactly how we are going to leave!

However, how do we spend our time while being here?

As egotistical jerk who will stop at nothing... or ...as someone who honestly loves to empower others and rejoices unenviously when they succeed!  

I chose to be a Positive Leadership Ambassador, a Servant Leader, an Encourager and someone who tries to find joy in every situation. 

For almost twenty years I've been an American citizen, who was born in East Germany and therefore knows, how to tear down walls.
Not just the physical, but especially the mental walls that keep us from growing and developing our full potential.

No matter the outer appearance of someone, their rank, authority or income. People are just people!

I'm more focused on how we actually use what we have, to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  Time is ticking!

You will find everything professional about me in my downloadable "resume".

Stick to your word!

My word is my bond. No matter how uncomfortable it gets. However, some things I just do once, e.g. snorkelling in Iceland at 20F!

Stuck inbetween two continents!

My heart  literally beats in between two continents - the Eurasian and the North American Plate. (Silfra Nationalpark, Iceland)

Stick to your own rules!

My conviction is that the same rules apply to everyone. Whoever is late, not prepared or wastes everyones' time in my university lectures, earns the  "10 push-up-privilege". I got stuck in traffic and was 2 min late: Here we go!

Stick with yourself!

My passion for movement has brought me from running Marathons to CrossFit.

I love the community that supports you, whenever you challenge yourself.